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 1st course – UN structure

  1. The origin of UN

A、UN was founded in 1945, after the WWII.

B、The father of UN is the ex-president of USA- Woodrow Wilson. He rose up the concept of Nations League, which was the predecessor of United Nations.( Picture 1)


  1. The introduction of United Nations (Picture 2)

A、5 pillars of UN ( Picture 3)

                a.           General Assembly (GA)

                b.           Security Council (SC)

                 c.           ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council )

                d.           Secretarit

                e.           International Court of Justice (ICJ)


  1. The functions of important branches of UN

A、General Assembly (GA)

                a.           Makes the decision of UN membership

                b.           Budgets

                 c.           Put the resolutions of 6 committees into affect

                d.           Elect the members of Security Council

B、Security Council

                a.           World peace

                b.           15 members

                 c.           Peacekeeping troops to areas are unpeaceful.       Ex. Sudan

                d.           The only committee can make compulsory resolutions

                e.           Permanent 5 (P5) (Picture 4 )




                              Russia Federation


                  f.           Veto Rights: ( Picture 5)

It means if there are any one of P5 didn’t vote “ For “ for the resolutions, the resolutions just failed.

C. ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

                a.           Most of committees and organizations we heard on medias are the branches of ECOSOC ( some are both owned by GA and ECOSOC )

                b.           65 members


The end of 1st course


2.jpg   P1


3.jpg  P2


4.jpg  P3


5.jpg  P4



6.jpg  P5





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