Southern Taiwan Model United Nations which with its new name has already made a good start in the southern Taiwan, and for those high school students who could have a nice chance to connect with the world; increase interactions between schools and schools; and also improve English ability, previous SHSMUN organizers have decided to have a new start with new name of SOUTMUNC. Compare with the Southern High School Model United Nations (SHSMUN) before, this year, SOUTMUNC is scaled up in every aspect in order to provide the best quality of conferences for every delegate. In addition, there will be three different committees which include UNSC, DISEC, and ECOSOC. Every delegate could experience in every single committee particularly, not only enhance English abilities, but also to be a starting point of having more concerns on international issues. Delegates could also have great time in social events, too. To conclude of its benefit, SOUTMUNC is absolutely a perfect opportunity for students to stimulate thoughts, cultivate more negotiating skills, and also a great time to acquire more international knowledge.



南臺灣模擬聯合國會議(SOUTMUNC)今年以它的新名號開繼續開創了一個好的開始,也為了能夠讓高中生有一個機會能與世界接軌、增加校際交流,提升英文能力,在原先的SHSMUN(南部高中模擬聯合國)團隊於是決定將SHSMUN更名為SOUTMUNC(南臺灣模擬聯合國會議),並以新名稱持續提供良好素質的模擬聯合國。比較於前身的 SHSMUN,今年,SOUTMUNC擴增了它的規模,為了提供給各位代表們一個良好的會議。這次將會有三個不同的委員會,分別為:聯合國安全理事會(UNSC)、聯合國裁軍委員會(DISEC),以及聯合國經社理事會(ECOSOC),讓代表都能夠在不同的委員會裡增加許多國際經驗,這不僅能夠增進培養英文能力,也能使關心國際事務為一個新指標。代表們也能在社交晚宴裡享受美好的時光呢! 總括其優點,南臺灣模擬聯合國會議絕對是一個好的機會,能讓高中生們能夠激進思考能力、培養更多協商技巧,也是一個絕佳的時機能增進更多國際知識。



See more:  http://www.soutmunc.org/ 


2015 SOUTMUNC Promotion Video Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uomeJpI1NXE  

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