Island Model United Nations Youth which is for senior high school students is about to enter its second year. Before, due to there are more and more senior high school students who have great interests in participating in MUN, National Taipei University Model United Nations started to be a pioneer of holding IMUN Youth that especially for senior high students, to create more opportunities on concerning about international affairs, and also to bring out a popular trend in young generation. This time, there will be three different committees for every delegate to participate in so as to contact diverse topics. During the conferences, every delegate could have more chances to make announcement at the podium, and also enhance English abilities, cooperation as well. Through caucus, delegates could improve multifaceted thinking logically. In addition, by collaborating with other countries, delegates would learn the importance of respecting others. This is a nice chance for young students to develop basic international perspectives, further investigate the value of the world.




世界島青年模擬聯合國會議即將邁入第二屆。近幾年來,在年輕世代的推動下,有愈來愈多的年輕學子,特別是高中生這個階段,搭上了模擬聯合國的盛行風潮,台北大學模擬聯合國社為此開始舉辦專屬於高中生的「世界島青年模擬聯合國會議,希望把「模擬聯合國會議」這個活動推廣給更多台灣的高中生。讓高中生有更多的機會關心參與國際事務的討論,同時也帶動了一股模聯潮流。在這次的IMUN Youth會議中,一共有三個不同的委員會可供各位代表參與,同時各委員會裡有會有不同的國際議題要處理,不僅能讓代表們有機會站上講台發表自身立場,同時也增進了英文各方面的能力。而透過磋商,更能增進多元化的思考,以及合作,然而代表們透過合作,能更了解互相尊重的重要性。這是一個相當好的機會讓年輕學子們能放眼國際舞台,從關心國際議題開始,啟發良好的國際觀,深入的了解世界的價值。


 IY 2  


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